Tree PruningPresident and founder, David Lusk, is a Winston-Salem native with a bachelor’s degree from High Point University and a master’s degree from Fielding Graduate University. A member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, he has studied arboriculture under Dr. Alex Shigo, internationally recognized tree expert and author of the books: Modern Arboriculture, A New Tree Biology, and Tree Pruning: A Worldwide Photo Guide. The full-color cover of the latter, shown here, features a tree pruned years ago by Lusk Tree Service and is located at Graylyn Conference Center. (The photo below taken by Dr. Shigo, demonstrates the proper placement and closure of pruning cuts we had made on an old white oak several years prior to his visit with us in Winston-Salem).

city-hall-magnoliasWe have made it our mission to communicate what we have learned from our dear friend, teacher, and mentor, the late Dr. Alex Shigo. His gift: a more informed, a more inspired, a more scientific and a more ethical way to treat the trees, greenways, parks and woodlands of our communities. We were the first local tree care company to introduce Dr. Alex Shigo’s Modern Tree Biology to the greater Winston-Salem area.

His message: “A community that honors its trees is a community that honors its past, present, and future. The City Hall magnolia trees pictured above are symbolic of our community’s commitment to trees.”

This page is dedicated to the memory of our friend and teacher Dr. Alex Shigo.


Shigo at Work

Shigo at Work

Dr. Alex Shigo

Dr. Alex Shigo (1930-2006)