Tree & Stump Removal Services

While Lusk Tree Service focuses on promoting the health, beauty, and longevity of your trees, sometimes the removal of a tree is required.

To ensure the overall health and safety of your entire property, it’s better to remove trees that may pose a threat.

How Is Tree Removal Handled?

Large tree removal requires a high level of skill and expertise.

Depending upon the size of the tree involved, there are many aspects to consider when removing a tree. The proximity of buildings, walkways, and other landscaping elements can determine the equipment required for the removal.

We have all of the safety and heavy-duty equipment that is required to remove a tree without further endangering people or buildings. 

We cut no corners when it comes to protecting our customers and employees. All of our employees are trained and fully insured, and our customers and their property are fully protected.

Communities in the Winston-Salem area can rely on our experts to handle any size removal safely and efficiently.

Crane Services near Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Crane Services

There are times when a tree removal project is so big, that the only solution is the use of a crane!

The professional arborists at Lusk Tree Service will determine the exact requirements of any tree removal project and assign the appropriate equipment to handle it safely and efficiently. We have the trained, skilled staff and reliable, appropriate equipment to handle any size project.

Hazard Tree Removal Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Hazard Tree Removal

When a tree seems to be in danger of falling on a building or walkway, we must
determine if the danger is imminent, if there is a way to save the tree or if removal is the only reasonable solution.

The arborists at Lusk Tree Service do not take the removal of trees lightly. We value their presence and will carefully study their location, age, condition and proximity to existing buildings before recommending removal. If a tree is determined to be hazardous, we will remove it safely and carefully. If a tree can be saved, we have creative alternatives that we will recommend in order to preserve the beauty and function of the tree.

Arborists near Winston-Salem, North Carolina

ISA Certified Arborists & Accredited Tree Care Company

Your local Winston-Salem Lusk arborists are ISA Certified, bonded and fully insured.

What Does That Mean?

It’s our commitment to you to provide the best tree services for the health and safety of your trees and landscape. With the ISA Certification, we have deeper knowledge in the art and science of tree care for diagnosing and treating your trees.

Lusk is also recognized as an accredited tree care company. Our TCIA accreditation represents our position as a tree service company committed to safety, expertise, and professionalism.


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