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Our arborists can identify trees with weakly attached co-dominant stems as shown below.


The failure of the maple above could have been prevented with the installation of a cabling system.



Close up of Cobra cable attachment to prevent a maple tree from splitting apart.

Cabling can save trees from severe damage due to storms, ice, and wind.  Cobra Cable Systems, widely used in Europe, these cables, unlike steel cables and steel bolts, are non-invasive. They require no drilling. They are dynamic systems that allow normal tree movement while maximizing support of weak crotches and weak limbs. These systems are also adjustable.

Below is a diagram of a Cobra cable, The cables are highly effective for small and large trees and require no drilling or metal hardware installation.





 adjustable loop                               shock absorber                     surplus length for grow

tree cabling

For more information on  tree cabling, please contact us by phone at 336-924-5911.