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img_0832Whether trees have been on the receiving end of storm damage, or have caused property damage, it is imperative to communicate with insurance adjusters in a professional manner. They prefer to discuss the technical aspects of the damage with someone who “speaks their language.” It makes the negotiation process much more efficient when a professional arborist can explain the damage as it relates to the insurance company’s standards and terms of coverage.

Assuring an adjuster that the required work will be done in a manner that complies with their insurance coverage, is best handled by a professional. This interaction can provide the opportunity to receive the most satisfactory settlement.

When you enlist the assistance of our consultants, you will have someone who is skilled, educated and experienced in the assessment of damage and also in creative solutions, should you choose to save a damaged tree.

Our philosophy of treating trees as living systems allows us to offer choices, since the responsible action is not always to remove a tree. We take an overview approach to every situation and our knowledge of every tree’s survival requirements helps us to determine and recommend the wisest action to be taken.

Consulting by an expert arborist can sometimes save a tree that seems to require removal. On the other hand, the safety of residents and buildings in proximity to a tree must take priority. If people or buildings are in danger from a decaying tree, then the recommendation must be to remove the source of the potential problem.

The professional arborists and technicians at Lusk Tree Service have years of experience and education that qualify them to help their clients make the right decision for their property and the environment.

Our company philosophy is to “do the right thing” at all times and that motto is the basis for every project with which we are associated. We believe in treating both our clients, the living systems of trees and the environment with care and respect. In return, we receive the support of our clients when they need to refer a friend or family member to our business.

While we have removed many dangerous trees, we have also saved many misdiagnosed trees from premature removal. We diligently work to find creative alternatives to tree removal. (See our section on tree cabling)