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removal-of-willow-tree-1The arborists at Lusk Tree Service do not take lightly the removal of trees. We value their presence and will carefully study their location, age, condition and proximity to existing buildings before recommending removal. If a tree is determined to be hazardous, we will remove it safely and carefully. If a tree can be saved, we have creative alternatives that we will recommend, in order to preserve the beauty and function of the tree.



What is a hazardous tree?

When a tree seems to be in danger of falling on a building or walkway, we must determine if the danger is imminent, if there is a way to save the tree or if removal is the only reasonable solution.

Why try to preserve a potentially hazardous tree?

At Lusk Tree Service, we take the survival of trees very seriously. Our arborists have years of education, training and experience that allows them to determine the options available in any given arboreal project. We regard trees as living systems, critical to the environment and their surroundings, thus worth saving, if at all possible. The beauty and function of a fully developed tree cannot be easily duplicated.

How will a hazardous tree removal be handled?

Depending upon the size of the tree involved, there are many aspects to consider when removing a tree. The proximity of buildings, walkways and other landscaping elements can determine the equipment required for the removal.

Lusk Tree Service has all of the safety and heavy-duty equipment that is required to remove a tree without further endangering people or buildings. Our experts can handle any size removal and are trained to perform the job safely and efficiently.

Why choose Lusk Tree Service to remove a hazardous tree?

The professional arborists at Lusk Tree Service have the utmost respect for the living tree systems in our community. We do not take lightly, the removal of an established tree. When it has been determined that this is the only solution to a safety or architectural dilemma, we will handle the job with the utmost respect for the property involved and for our clients’ wishes.

As you can tell from the background of our founder, David Lusk, and the dedicated staff at Lusk Tree Service, we provide ethical, responsible, fully-insured services to handle any arboreal requirements.

Our professionals can handle any project, no matter the size. We have the expertise, the staff and the equipment to complete any assigned project to the satisfaction of all involved.